5 Non-metallic structures questions and references

There is 5 question about non metallic structural block for Aircraft Technician students.

Today, i’m going to share 5 questions about Non-Metallic Structures and their reference from FAA 8083 and FAA AC.43.13.  And remember, those questions only for studying.

Q-1: The trim colors are applied to an aircraft

  • A. after the basecoat has dried (Ref: FAA 8083-V1, Page: 8-16)
  • B.Prior to the basecoat.
  • C. After the primer has been applied.

Q-2: When utilizing multiple colors of trim, the sequence of painting is:

  • A. Lighter colors to darker colors (AC 43.13, Page: 2-28)
  • B. Darker colors to lighter colors.
  • C. Medium colors to lighter colors to darkest colors.

Q-3: Identification and registration markings may be found in:

  • A. FAR Part 43.
  • B. FAR Part 45 (FAA 8083-V1, P: 8-17)
  • C. FAR Part 65

Q-4: The operator of a fixed-wing aircraft shall display the marks required by FAR 45.23 on:

  • A. Three places diametrically opposite and near the maximum horizontal
  • B. Two places diametrically opposite and near the maximum horizontal (FAA 8083-V1, Page: 8-17)
  • C. Upper surface of right horizontal stabilizer

Q-5: A United States citizen residing in Bulgaria purchased an aircraft with United States registration markings. The old owner:

  • A. Shall remove the markings
  • B. May leave the markings in place (Ref: AC.45-2E, Page: 12)
  • C. Apply for new markings
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