Scholastic Reviews: Think twice before ordering books from the Scholastic!

I ordered some books from Scholastic site for my 1st grade son. Normally, an order arrives within 1 week at most, regardless of where I live in the USA. However, Scholastic did not deliver our order even after 3 months. They didn’t even send the cargo, let alone deliver it.

From now on, I don’t even think of visiting this site, let alone buying a book. The date I placed the order is 30/09/2021. Today is 12/25/2021. We are at the end of the month. Almost 3 months. I share this review about Scholastic as a warning to you. Think twice before ordering a book from this site.

Here is the screenshot from my account and order details:

scholastic book order reviews

Finally, I desperately canceled my order. I hope they don’t reply to my cancellation request after 3 months.

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