Uber deactivated my driver account indefinitely 2021 How to reactivate it?

After 5 years and thousands of trips, uber deactivated my driver account indefinitely

I’ve been doing Uber for about 6 years. I have picked up nearly 10000 passengers so far. My average rating was 4.98 out of 5 and I had no serious problems. Until now. Today Uber asked me to verified photo ID after dropping the customer at the airport. I did my verification as usual and continued working.

I usually work outside of the airport because of the long waiting time at the Uber waiting lot. Today, I went to the places I used to go out of airport and began to wait for requests.. Finally, another Uber trip has arrived. I accepted it.. When I finished that trip, Uber banned me from Uber.

As you know, making an appointment with Uber offices is pure torture. You may have to wait weeks. I called customer service on the phone and it was a complete bs.. They do not provide any solution and currently it says that my account is permanently deactivated in the Uber application.

It’s complete bullshit. If you want to do Uber Black, you need to buy a car that is at most 5 years old. So, at worst, you need to buy a 3-year-old car so you can get your money’s worth. Then Uber lets you down by closing your account for silly reasons. And guess what? You seem like an idiot.

Do not! Do not put all your investment in this sector by relying on Uber. At any moment, you can have the car in your hands and start swearing at yourself. Just like me.

uber deactivate my driver account 2021
uber deactivate my driver account 2021

I’m still trying to make an appointment with the Uber Greenhub office.. I’m trying to understand what’s going on. If I succeed, I will write here details. By the way, do you know how to reactivate a deactivated Uber account?

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